Event types

Usually an event of 100 kms or more, conducted on a course more than 15 kms in length and consisting of a number of laps.
Vehicles are usually started either singularly or in pairs, and at varying intervals from 15 seconds to 1 minute.
The winner is the competitor who completes the course in the quickest time.

Conducted on courses up to 15 kms in length and usually consist of a number of heats, with each heat  being of a specified number of laps.
The winner is the competitor with the quickest time taken over the total number of heats.

Conducted on specially-created tracks, usually with speedway complexes.
The surface includes dirt, clay, sand and grass, with a competition between two or more vehicles competing on the same track at the same time with the first car to cross the finish line declared the winner.

*summarised from the South Australian Off Road Racing Association (SAORRA) website

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