Bodie Tickner’s take on Pines Enduro 2015

Well, what a weekend! Wish we could say is was an uneventful weekend but then that wouldn’t be off road racing! We broke a gearbox flange on recon of the prologue track, resulting in .us not completing prologue. We found a part and worked on it until late in the night and was finally ready to race Sunday. Our first lap was full of fast straights and sharp turns while running through the pine forest and having some close racing moments with fellow Super1650 competitors! However, on our second lap our throttle was sticking which isn’t ideal when you are flat out in a pine forest. We made it back for our break and started our third lap, which resulted in a flat tyre, we got her back to the pits and changed the spare this then cut into the time of our fourth lap! We made it back to the pits for a final break! We went back out for our fifth lap and half way around thought we have another flat tyre so we stopped again but we were surprised to see it wasn’t so we powered home. We got back to start our 6th and final lap, we got stopped to tell us we only had 59 mins till we ran out of time and we just did a lap in 57mins. We accepted the challenge and powered on. We ended up completing our final lap in 47 mins! Was a long and rough ride but cannot wait to see the pine trees at the pines enduro next year! A huge thanks to trot Johnstone for letting us take the flange of us buggy so we could continue to race! Also thanks to our sponsors Port Adelaide Auto Repairs Penrite Oil @Maxxistyres @repcoauthorisedservice


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