Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies and Juniors

Gawler Road Knights Car Club held a successful Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies and Juniors Enduro over the weekend of 21/22 October. 11 Crews fronted for the start of the event, which was held in conducive conditions – sunny and windy- for an off road event. Crews were very consistent with their times, and there were some passing manouvres by those getting into their groove throughout the laps completed. New to the sport, twins Heath and Nathan Thorne, Tyson Woolford and twins Perri and Peta Guidolin (in with their dad, who has made a comeback after a long hiatus away from the sport) along with Jarrah Taylor and Shaydon Witmitz, made up the Junior Section. First time drivers Molly Cummins, Wendy Arbon and Belinda Napper, along with Shannyn Fitzgerald, Sue Curtis and Jamie & Lauren Andrews made up the Ladies section.
In her first time back since having bub, Shannyn Fitzgerald drove confidently all event, firstly following the Thorne boys, then in front of them. The Thorne boys, alternating the drive, with dad in the silly seat, in their first offroad outing, proved that their skills from speedway have come in very handy, as they didnt hold back in going forward on the track, and arent afraid of the dust. Sue Curtis, with son Matt in with her was out to finish the event, having not finished the last 2 ladies events. Jamie and Lauren Andrews work well together as a team, and had their Aunty Sue in their sights throughout the event, but couldnt quite get close enough to pass. Wendy Arbon, with partner Hadyn Vanstone in the silly seat, had some practice before the event, and showed a quiet confidence in steering the vehicle around the track all weekend. Molly Cummins, with dad Declan and brother Oliver as navigators had a slight lean during prologue, but came out of her start position at full throttle, and didnt back off at all during the event. Jarrah Taylor, with dad Mark alongside, had no other sporting commitments for the weekend, and was consistent throughout the event, until lap 7 when they had trouble with the battery and needed a push to get started again. Tyson Woolford, in his first drive of an offroad vehicle , kindly lent by Tyson Battersby, was very hesitant at the start, but gradually found his rhythm, putting in consectutive 13.30 minute laps for the last 3. Shaydon Witmitz was cool calm and collected, out for a weekend of fun, and to see how hard he could push dad Matthew’s vehicle. Perri and Peta Guidolin, having dad along side for support and directives, alternated sections, and were very competitive between each other for lap times. Belinda Napper, with hubby Greg alongside, was out to have the same fun she had when practicing, however nerves took over a bit when she was passed during the first section. Kudo’s to her as she continued the event, and finished, and collected another set of towels.
The end result:- Shannyn Fitzgerald/Shane Waters 1st O/R, 1st in Super 1650 class and 1st lady home, Heath & Nathan Thorne/Darren Thorne 2nd O/R, 1st in Prolite class and Junior winners, Sue Curtis/Matt Curtis 3rd O/R, 1st in Pro class, Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews 4th O/R, 2nd in Prolite class and 1st Ladies Team home, Wendy Arbon/Hadyn Vanstone 5th O/R and 2nd in Super 1650 class, Tyson Woolford/Tyson Battersby 6th O/R and 3rd in Prolite class, Molly Cummins/Oliver Cummins 7th O/R and 1st in Superlite B class, Shaydon Witmitz/Matthew Witmitz 8th O/R and 1st in Production 4WD class, Perri&Peta Guidolin/Joe Guidolin 9th O/R and 2nd in Superlite B class, Jarrah Taylor/Mark Taylor 10th O/R and 4th in Super 1650 class and Belinda Napper/Greg Napper 11th and 2nd in Production 4WD class.
GRKCC would sincerely like to thank Tanja van Bokhoven for encouraging us to apply for funding and the CAMS Junior Development fund for the grant towards helping with this event. As an incentive to help with numbers for the event, it was put out there that each entry would receive a $ value back, and to that end each entry received $80 refund.
A big thankyou to all club members that helped on the weekend.

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